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Monday, 26 January 2015

I've been a bit busy recently and after scheduling some posts while I've been away with no internet I'm back with more inspiration! So to catch you up here's some of my recent goings on. I've spent some quality time with the family before moving back to Wellington as I'm not sure when I'll be next home so we took the campervan out to Whakatane for a weekend and then travelled down to Wellington to drop off my stuff and join Brad's family camping. It was the first proper time our families spent quality time together and I'm glad to say it went off very smoothly, helped along by alcohol of course! They all went home and Brad and I stayed longer to spend some time together after almost a month apart; throwing rocks at the beach is what all the cool couples are doing right?! Once returning to the land of internet and phone signal we actually managed to find a kitten! Our own little tiny kitten barely months old and free I might add, more on him in a later post though he needs to be properly introduced. Hope things are going well for you guys in the recent weeks. 

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