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Sophie conquered Australia!

Sunday, 4 January 2015
So after finally getting round to sorting out my over 500 photos from the trip I decided to show you some. To be honest I took my camera expecting to take way more but ya know water parks and roller coasters happened so I barely too my camera anywhere. But I had a whole heap of fun! We went for two weeks over Christmas planning to spend some time with my family from England I hadn't seen in a while. I haven't actually been to Australia before even though I've now lived in New Zealand for over 7 years so this was an adventure. We spent a lot of the time just relaxing by the pool at the apartment, at the beach, and shopping at the various malls and streets around the area. Pretty much everything was walking distance and it was great to have a bit of a free run of the place compared to holidays when we were younger where we had to do everything my parents did.
 We also went to a few of the parks a number of times going on many a water slide and many a roller coaster. Can I just say how great going on the Green Lantern and Superman roller coasters at Movie World at 8pm at night in the dark was? Pretty great! I also got to cuddle a Koala and a Kangaroo but more on that in another post as I have way too many animal photos! I managed to walk away with some awesome stuff from the shops too, although being Christmas I was pretty upset when the Real Techniques gift set was sold out so I had to get a single brush instead of four. But I got a lot of new clothes from the sales too including some Forever 21 stuff and a new necklace to replace my one that I either lost or got stolen. Christmas was great, spending time by the pool with the family, snacking on food and chocolate all day and playing cards all night with fireworks going off! Hope you guys had a great Christmas and a great New Year too!
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