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Meet Oliver

Friday, 6 February 2015
Just over two weeks ago this little chappy joined Brad and I in our little house. I felt that as he's already had his debut on Instagram that it was about time he met the rest of the internet! Meet Oliver, an 11 week old silver tabby cat who's the cheekiest adorable bugger ever. 

We went along to his birth mothers house with high hopes of falling in love with either of the four little kittens she had and as soon as they were released from their cage we were hooked on his adorable face and unique markings. They were all incredibly cute and I did almost walk away with more than one but living on a student budget *sob sob*. At this point he was quiet, well behaved and really shy... which has long since passed!

Now two weeks have passed and he's gotten used to both of us and the house he's the craziest kitten ever and you wouldn't believe he was shy when we first met him. Well as long as another person doesnt enter the house then he runs straight under the lazy boy and stares at them through the little cat sized gap. He loves to play with his mouse, cables, plastic bags, cables, ribbon, cables and human body parts. But who can be angry at that adorable face? 

2 comments on "Meet Oliver "
  1. SO SO CUTE!! Following his insta right now!

    1. I know right! I can never be mad at his adorable face!