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Scandi Ampersand

Friday, 20 February 2015
All images via Pinterest
Before University starts next week I've been trying to use as much time as possible just to chill and relax before the havoc of late nights and constant sketching, 'photoshopping' and analysing starts. Lately this has involved scrolling through pages and pages of blogposts and pinterest pages huddled up under a blanket (yes even though it is the height of summer it still gets cold in the Wellington evenings) with the kitten. Either that or playing hours and hours of Pokemon but we don't need to talk about that. The one thing this teaches me is that I need ALL the Pokemon and that I need my own little house that I can do what I want. There's only so much I can do with the yellowy/cream walls I have now although I love my little house so much I would love it with white walls. Ah white walls... Ah white floorboards... Yes I may have a thing for scandinavian interior design (along with the entire blogging world). 

I really really want that light up ampersand, maybe as an S although I really do like the ampersand design. But there's just something about these interiors that make you want to get out of bed and do things! Is that just me or does someone else feel that too? As I have a lack of white walls and floorboards I may have to take inspiration from the other items in the room. I really want a sheepskin rug however I know this will not go with our current house nor will it probably survive the kitten who occasionally still has toilet accidents. However with my current white desk, and fairy lights I think a few additional pieces shall suffice, for my desk area anyway... the rest of the house will have to wait! We are students remember. I may invest in a chair very much similar to the one in the bottom photo as they have come available at The Warehouse and Kmart for my lovely NZ followers and my teal leather office chair is on its last legs. 

Are there things you dream of changing in your home or a specific area of your home you really want to upgrade?