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The Bloody British Tag

Monday, 9 February 2015

I found this on Elish's blog and as she tagged everyone I thought it was perfect for myself to fill out as I'm always questioned about some of these things. Having moved to New Zealand from the UK just over 7 years ago I still retain a lot of my 'britishness' so on with the tag!

How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?
I drink tea a lot but it all depends on the day, sometimes I can't be bothered waiting for water to boil and tea to steep but sometimes I can have around 5 cups! Milk and one sugar please! 

Favourite part of the roast?
Definitely the yorkshire puddings! When at home my dad makes a roast every sunday and I crave them yorkshire puddings so much he gives me extra. 

Favourite dunking biscuit?
I actually can't remember what my favourite dunking biscuit was back in England as I didn't drink too much tea when I was younger. My favourite biscuit however is an orange club biscuit. (I do love a chocolate finger to dunk now a days in NZ so probably that would be the same in UK) 

Favourite quintessentially British past-time?
I would probably have to say reading, that's classed as 'british' isn't it?

Favourite British word?

Cockney rhyming slang?
I don't have one, never used them at all. 

Favourite British sweet?
Oh god I have so many! Um probably Maoams though they're the best 

What would your pub be called?
The Drum and Monkey - we had one near where I used to live and it used to make me laugh as a kid whenever we went because of the name. 

No. 1 British person?
Ed Sheeran ♥♥♥

Favourite shop/ restaurant?
Nothing can beat Thorntons sorry - maybe Woolworths with their pick and mix selection before they shut down. Although I did really like WHSmiths and their stationary selection. 

What's the first British song that pops into your head?
I'm not sure.. maybe an Ed Sheeran song? or a Lily Allen song.

Marmite- love or hate?
Hate hate hate hate! 

I spent way too long thinking about sweets for this post and drooling instead of actually writing but I tag any of my readers with any British blood in you to have a go! Let me know if you do and I'll check it out :)