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February Catch Up

Monday, 2 March 2015
Well here we have the last few days of February, it seemed to fly by didn't it? Maybe that was just the short month feeling even shorter. Anyway welcome to a little segment I'm planning on doing at the end of each month ~ The catch up! Basically a little post telling you things I've been up to, the things I've been loving, and a quick look at my top posts of the month in case you missed them. On with the show!
As February is the last month of my holidays I've been spending a lot of it indoors relaxing while I still have the time. Since moving back to Wellington late last month we've been sorting things out in the house, rearranging furniture and cleaning out some of the cupboards. Boring I know! But there's also been some interesting things happening I promise! Brad and I went along to the Dinosaur exhibit at the local museum Te Papa at the start of the month to see the great T-Rex and his family. If you missed it don't worry it wasn't the greatest although the video of dinosaurs terrorising the Wellington streets was awesome. 
It was also Valentines this month, hope you guys found that lucky someone wink wink. We're not really into the whole 'be lovey dovey only on one day' kinda thing so we didn't celebrate too much, only a card and a little present. I got Brad the little lego Charizard which we had fun building that day. 
I've been hanging out with my friends a fair bit, once I actually get outside, and we visited the local pub at the start of the month to join in with the outdoor movie event going on. I admit it was The Princess Bride so not a 5 star for movie choice but it was a great evening and the movie did make things more hilarious. Also had many a games night recently, including a very funny three round event of Cranium featuring a lot of minor amounts of vodka, and some intense poker games. I swear I almost won most of them. Okay I won one round of Cranium and came second in poker... 
Recently I've been loving the show How To Get Away With Murder, it's just come to TV here in NZ but thanks to the trusty internet Brad and I are already up to date and cannot wait for the season finale next week! It's similar to programs like NCIS and detective shows but is more around the legal sides of things, it's really great and I totally recommend it. Another thing I've been loving to do is playing Disney movies in the background whilst doing work. Mainly as I've watched them so many times that I know exactly what's happening without looking up, the same goes for Harry Potter movies. 
I've also been loving online shopping, especially for make up, so keep your eyes peeled for a haul once it all arrives. 

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There we go. February is over and March is here, Autumn is coming! I can't wait for boots and jeans. 

2 comments on "February Catch Up"
  1. Ooh I'm looking forward to Autumn! Today is a very Autumnal feeling day. Loved your roundup of the month. Hope you don't mind if I use it as inspo for redoing the layout of my monthly roundup?! xoxo

    1. Oh it felt very much still like summer to me unfortunately roasting in a uni studio! Sure I don't mind I'm glad you like it actually I thought it may be a bit hit and miss, go for it :) x