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Let's do the time warp again!

Monday, 30 March 2015

What are these ugly banners I hear you say! Well if we track back a few years to April 2013 we get to the birth of Sofilly - created on a bit of a whim to flush more creativity into my veins after starting design school just over a month ago. Hopefully we can see through this post that my schooling has been great and my design skills have improved. After coming across this first banner in my files I thought I would have a look at what Sofilly has looked like over the years, and you can join too! I only have the banners although I'm pretty sure theres a website that lets you see your website years ago but I don't want to see the monstrosity it once was!
Anyways these first two came pretty early into the blog; I had a thing for bunting as you can see. I'm glad that ugly ass font in the first banner left the blog as quickly as it entered it, I can't even believe I even liked that! I do remember the second font, Lane Narrow, being my love for almost all of 2013 which you can see in the banner below also. I still like it personally but with that drop shadow no way! 

Awh my first attempt at drawing my banner, I was so proud of this design seriously I instagrammed it and shoved it all over the internet. I don't actually mind it right now although the shading (what shading?!?!) is atrocious like what is that mouth? Here you can see the Lane Narrow continues to stick around in hand drawn form. Also had a fabulous cream tint going to the blog, glad that's gone! 
Aaaaaaand another drawn one, personally worse than the previous. What is that green thing, seriously? Plus my shading got worse, why did I even think this was good enough to place on the internet let alone make it my blog banner. No wonder I didn't have any readers that I knew of back then... That font though.

Oh I had a revelation! We returned to type banners, 2014 Sofi you had some brains in you after all. Not enough to realise that you probably shouldn't have brought back the drop shadow as well as the text but we can deal with that here more than the second one. Not sure what the x is doing all the way over there, thought I'd gotten rid of it in all but my url by now but hey.  
Oh hello you pretty banner you, I remember you from a whole month ago. This was the only banner I had going for about a year, the rest were a few months before I grew tired. I'm hating on Moonflower font now after so many people used it in their final projects last year so it's now gone but I did like this banner. 
Last but not least, my current banner! Pretty much an updated one of the previous one but I love it so much. I drew the type myself with watercolour and then scanned it in to create this. It got so much love at a past #nzbloggers chat that I think I'm going to keep it forever - try and actually keep a brand going. 

This probably isn't the best post to write this on seen as you can see some of the disgusting banners I've had in the past but I promise my skills have gotten much much better. I am a third year graphic design student so if you're wanting banners or sidebar images made for your blog I'm totally up for the job! 

4 comments on "Let's do the time warp again! "
  1. It's interesting to see your interests develop. My blog banner is what I put up like a year ago, and it's really nothing fancy but I'm still kind of fond of it. Would like to fully design my whole blog but $$ and time are both factors.

  2. As long as you're still fond of it thats all that matters right? x

  3. Look at how they evolved! Love the new one. Can't believe you did it yourself

  4. Thanks! Totally open to creating graphics for others too ;) hehe x