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Top of my Topshop shopping list

Monday, 23 March 2015
1. Moto Black Short Dungarees£32.00 2. Kitten Ankle Socks£3.50 3. Margot Pinstud Boots£75.00 4. Contrast Bobble Beanie Hat£14.00 5. Lipstick in Wicked£8.00 6. Lipstick in The Damned£8.00 7. Velvet Lace Shorts £20.00 8. Cat Print Pyjama Set£28.00

While lying in bed sick with the flu and avoiding the coursework looming over me I took to internet shopping, I did actually make an order on iHerb oops but it was mainly window shopping. Now if you're not from New Zealand or if you've been hiding under a rock you may not know that we recently got ourselves our own Topshop. However seen as it's in Auckland I'm still stuck online shopping so here's some of my favourite things on their site. (Prices in Pounds although the NZ pricing is a little bit more expensive than Glassons for you wondering). 
Following the NZBloggers chat two weeks ago I mentioned I was going to try wear things a little more out of my comfort zone so a few of these items are inspired by that. Now I do love everything on this list but damn those studded boots I need them like seriously need them even though I don't know if they'd suit me and they're hella expensive! 

1. Crepe Sweetheart Crop Top£20.00 2. Moto Super Ripped Jamie Jeans - £45.00 3. Nail Varnish in Bound£6.00 4. Nail Varnish in Snow Cone£6.00 5. Desire Jumper by Religion£95.00 6. Blanche Ankle Boots - £45.00

Of course I've got me some Jamie jeans on there, they are a Topshop must have! As well as all the Topshop beauty, I've got a few lip products of theirs already and they're excellent so I know I'm going to pick up some more for sure when I get the chance! If anyone can let me know how much the lipsticks are in dollars that would be great! Hopefully I'm in Auckland soon and get a chance to have a look around but otherwise I'll be stuck online for a while. But hey it saves money right? 

2 comments on "Top of my Topshop shopping list"
  1. Nice list! The lipsticks are around the $18 mark I think. They're definitely no more than $20. I really wanted to get the Glow highlighter but they only had tester pots left :(. x

  2. Oh so they're pretty much the same price as UK that's good. I'm amazed from the amount of people in there constantly that the entire shops not sold out really, good luck getting it soon! x