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Weird things at design school

Friday, 20 March 2015

If any of you don't know I study graphic design at university and having gone through a few years of design school  I've learnt that a lot of weird things happen. Now along with the beautiful art that flows out of the students a lot of other stuff does too! 
  • First years spend over 8 hours in their first few weeks drawing potatoes. 
  • Potatoes in pencil, potatoes in pen, potatoes in chalk and potatoes dressed as Lady Gaga. 
  • By the time you graduate you will have spent at least 50 hours of your life feeling up/deciding on/cursing at stock. Yes I do mean paper. 50 hours cursing at the weight of your paper. 
  • It's normal to go to class with a laptop bag, a normal bag, and folders of various sizes. Plus boxes and bags of other rubbish.
  • None of the tutors know how to use a computer. Okay maybe 3 do and that's it. They're designers and they don't know how to use powerpoint.
  • You will own at least 10 of the same expensive pen in different weights. 
  • You will use said pens to do everything but draw and then ruin them and then curse at them and yourself and your life and your bank account.
  • Speaking of bank accounts, it's normal to spend hundreds a year on stationary. Seriously if you love stationary become a design student you'll never regret buying more because your tutor will tell you to buy more. 
  • The first week before a new year you see the first years around town. You can tell because they're all battling with their new A1 folders. It's hilarious. 
  • Sleep happens anywhere. 
  • You will critique any design anywhere. Always. It's going to happen. 
  • You will spend hours criticising the space between letters, if you didn't realise this was a thing, this is a thing. Kerning and leading are your best friends. 
  • You always want to nap. Always. 
  • But you never have time to nap after the first year so take those naps when you can first years! Design school takes over every moment of your awake life. 
This is only a few things but allow me to ramble on about how I feel like all I've been doing is uni work all day every day. Currently I have a mobile app and a book being created so it's very time consuming (oh and an essay but who cares about that). I'm also now sick due to this so have scrambled into bed whenever available to eat oranges and do more work. Such fun... 

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  1. Love this post! I've just finished my Art and Design Foundation year at uni and can relate to loads of these, they're hilarious (especially the A1 folder thing, I was definitely that person struggling along against the wind using it unintentionally as a sail!)- but I'm about to embark on my Graphic Design degree so i've got three more years of these :))