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What's in my University bag?

Friday, 6 March 2015
I realise that a lot of people take barely anything to uni every day, maybe just a notebook and pen, but I take too much! It's a mixture of being a design student, being prepared, and having to have a gigantic bag in order to fit my 17.4 inch laptop in it. This is just your average days amount of stuff, nearer hand in week I tend to have about double this due to all the other things I need like three different kinds of tape. Also my laptop's in there most days! 

So hello, meet my bag. The huge cheap leather thing I call a uni bag which really should be called the 'I look slightly cool but really I'm just killing my owners shoulders and legs' bag. But yes I got this bag from Diva for around $40 after my previous gorgeous bag had an accident with mud and a hill (proof here). It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but after finding out it fitted my laptop I was sold. Anyways onto the contents! 

Things to take notes on: 
Being a design student my normal notebooks for classes are visual diaries/sketchbooks, either A4 or A3, although the A3's don't fit but I thought I'd mention them. Just your regular Gordon Harris branded ones, cheap around the start of uni, great for doodling or actually doing work. I also take my diary most of the time even if I rarely use it in class (I forget) but homework goes in here and hand in dates. This one's from Typo at the start of the year for around $6, you can still get them now and I totally recommend the week to a page ones. I also have my iPad for taking notes or researching things when I don't have my laptop with me. I bought this halfway through first year and honestly it's been worth every penny, I never go to uni without it!  

Things to take notes with:
Woo a pencil case! Full of stationary! *heart eyes emoji* Okay so I may have a thing for stationary and my pencil case may prove this. I got this 'Pardon my French' from Typo last year and it's the perfect size to fit all my necessary equipment and the not really necessary equipment that I still want to take. Some examples being a Bic ball point (my love), many pencils of many grades, many ink pens of many thicknesses and your regular rubbers, pencil sharpeners, and rulers etc. 

Extra things:
First things first, my iPhone, can't go nowhere without that! Again the same with my iPod nano to listen to music while I walk to and from uni. Yes I realise I have an iPhone or iPad for this, especially as my iPhone has more storage, but my nano's just easier and I don't have to worry about it falling out my pocket etc as it's already pretty dead. Plus it has all my old songs on from my older dead computers! Wallet, keys and sunglasses, another few obvious things that I kind of need outside of the house. A USB, pretty sure this is a 32GB one, so I can store any of my work off the Uni computers and bring it home, and just to back up my work. Finally the last items, lip products, just to keep my lips nice and fresh all day! 

That's it! I'm pretty sure I've left things out but I pretty much just removed this all from my bag after my class on Friday so maybe not. Hope you enjoyed this look into the amount of rubbish I have to take with me to uni every day. 
What sorts of things do you take with you? Do you take this much? 

2 comments on "What's in my University bag?"
  1. 17.4 inch laptop?!?!?!? omg that must be super heavy to carry! and here i am complaining about my 13 inch macbook... haha oh gosh!
    I'm trying to be good and print out lecture slides this year instead of bringing my laptop to uni! It'll keep me from procrastinating and drifting off in lectures! I do however, bring my ipad everyday as well :)

    Sheena | as told by sheena

  2. It's a beast! It kills my shoulder most days but I love it and for better specs and less than half the price of macs I can't complain haha!