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March Catch Up

Friday, 10 April 2015
I had a little break over Easter on the blog and it felt good! Not that I don't love blogging but ya know when you do something constantly and you get a few days off and don't think about it and you can think about other things? Yeah that! Anyways I'm back and I thought I'd bring it back with a little catch up with what happened in March, seen as it's well into April now! 

Uni, Uni, Uni! I returned to University towards the end of February and I hand in my final project tomorrow. To catch you up I study Graphic Design and being in my third year now things are pretty intense. I had three projects this half semester; one being an app design with a partner based on an emergency, the other a book design on an architecture company, and the last being an analysis on Post Humanism. I was really excited for the app class but things didn't really go to plan and I didn't really get on all that well with my partner but hey it's over now. I've finished!! It's holiday time now!! 
Apart from focusing on uni I've been out with Brad and friends a few times just to let go a little bit. This included going to see Insurgent (pretty good) and a glorious plum shortcake. But oh my god we got Netflix I repeat New Zealand got netflix! Of course I'm loving that, more on it in another post though. 

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3 comments on "March Catch Up"
  1. Oh god yes! Praying for the new series of Game of Thrones to be on there

  2. I'm really in to House Of Cards right now.