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McFly, MSN, and Myspace

Monday, 27 April 2015

I saw recently on Sarah-Elizabeth's blog, The Spanish Bluebell, that she did this little remembering post with a random coin she pulled out her wallet. Pretty much the gist is you pull it out at random and reminisce about things you did in that year. Problem was I pulled out a couple of coins first that were 1990 and 1991 so yeah I wasn't born but next was 2008, coincidently the same as Sarah-Elizabeth! So what was happening in 2008? 

Well I turned 14 and was in year 9 for a start, oh year 9 that was truly an awful year for me... that and year 10. Unfortunately my school was a year 7-13 school so everyone was already in friend groups and it wasn't like everyone was in a new school together. I'd only been in New Zealand for just over 3 months of 2007 so 2008 was my first proper year in NZ and my first proper go at school with electives and everything. I was currently ahead of most of my year as the UK is quite far ahead in teaching so I was in all of the top classes and knew everything my beginner French teacher was teaching the class. 

I met the only two people I really speak to properly now from high school in this year. Conveniently the girl I sat next to in Maths was the daughter of my mums work colleagues so we ended up getting to be pretty good friends. The other we didn't really get to know each other until the following year but we met and knew each other so that counts right? I spent most of my time with my best friend at the time who had around 8 dogs at that current moment in time I think, I could never keep up, but that amazed me. I also got my first pair of rats this year, Milo and Slinky, they were my buddies and detested by many but they were the cutest things. 

I didn't join Facebook until 2009 so it was all Myspace and a bit of Bebo for me in 2008 oh how those were the days. Gosh I think I was still on MSN back then, there was only so many ways you could keep in contact with friends on the other side of the world. I mean I had to have someone to talk to about McFly and other British bands seen as no one in NZ knew who they were! I'm pretty sure I was still snooping around things like Runescape and Neopets as well when my friends weren't looking and was my Gaia Online phase in 2008 I cant remember.

I think that's about it, or about as much as I can remember and am willing to share. Pretty much I was a bit lame haha hopefully I've improved since then, at least I can kinda apply make-up now and don't think bright red jeans are the key to fashion... If you have a go at this let me know! 

2 comments on "McFly, MSN, and Myspace"
  1. Yay!! thanks for joing in! Haha I remember those days of bebo and MSN. Sound like our lives were pretty similar in 2008, as I did a lot of the things you have mentioned too!!

  2. Gosh those were the days!!