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April Catch Up

Friday, 8 May 2015
So my birthday month is finally over and it truly was a birthday month I celebrated from Easter weekend all the way til last weekend it was great! Lets have a catch up and see what else happened.

The beginning of the month was Easter weekend and the start of my two week mid semester break. Due to not being able to go home for the holidays as I live so far away from my uni that it's slightly pointless paying over $300 to go home for around 10 days, my parents came down to Wellington instead and brought my brother along. We didn't do too many exciting things just spent some good quality time with them seen as I hadn't seen them since January it was nice to chill with them and celebrate my birthday seen as Brad was in Australia at a Brass Band competition which he won by the way. The following week his brothers came down and we saw Ed Sheeran!!!!! I can't contain my excitement it was amazing and I already have my tickets to see him again in December my gosh! I spent the rest of the holidays with Brads family in Wanganui enjoying the free time I had before uni started again and Brad started his busy Anzac week with Air Force, also celebrated my birthday again. Hallelujah the actual birthday happened! It was a fab day spent with friends and making memories; now I remember why I don't drink on weekdays anymore...  

Hands down I've been loving cake oh my god I feel like I've had enough cake last month to make me never want cake again but hey if you're offering? I've also been loving the apple products I kindly got gifted for my birthday - being a special 21st I got an Apple TV and an Apple Trackpad, golly gosh they're amazing I can't wait til our internet is reconnected this week so I can permanently watch Netflix while doing uni work.

Unfortunately due to giving myself a few days off here and there over April because of holidays etc there have been less posts than usual however there's still enough to compete for top three and here they are: 
iHerb Haul
I made a sneaky order over on and this is what I hauled, also including a few more items from local shops. Check it out here.
Artist Attraction: Jasmine Dowling
Have a look at one of my favourite artists/designers at the moment, she creates gorgeous type designs and I just want to buy all of them. See here.
MSN, McFly & Myspace
Following Sarah-Elizabeth's post I flipped out my wallet and with a coin I looked back into my past. Look at what I'm talking about here.

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