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I've Got A Dream, I've Got A Dream

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

After reading the chapter in Carrie's All I Know Now book about having a dream and working for it no matter how realistic it is it got me thinking about some of my dreams. Some of my dreams could be just classed as goals but I do have one dream that pretty much won't happen but I can still dream right? 

I kinda um want to be a face character at a Disney park. 

For those of you who doesn't know what that means it basically means I want to be one of the people who dress up and act like one of the Disney characters. I'm not 100% sure who I'd like to be and wouldn't really care if I actually managed to be anyone but I feel like my personality and looks would suit Rapunzel best. 

The problem with this dream is for a start I'd have to move country again, I'd want to be in an English speaking country so that only leaves America - either Florida or California. Once that's achieved I'd have to wait until there's actually an opening and then attend auditions. To audition for a face character you have to go through different rounds; singing, dancing, acting and of course looks. Now I'm not totally tone deaf, I don't have left feet, and I feel I could act like Rapunzel pretty well if I worked at it so all of those can be taught. I would happily wear green contact lenses and adopt a chameleon if it improved my looks more but I doubt that would get me to the point of being chosen. That's if I qualify for the height restrictions, I'm not sure of Rapunzels height restrictions but I know for a fact I'm too tall to play Wendy and Alice unfortunately. 

So you see it's not that my dreams realistic but it'll be very hard to do which is why I've been aiming for smaller dreams that are more obtainable in that I don't have to move country just yet. Do any of you have a dream like me? Slightly unobtainable? Let's sing it out Rapunzel style... 

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