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Silver is a Girls Best Friend

Monday, 25 May 2015

Girls always prefer a certain metal for their jewellery, and for me that's silver. Look at these gorgeous charms though... 
I feel like I've always owned some sort of charm bracelet; when I was christened as a baby I received a small silver bracelet with religious related charms. Growing up I went through a few but the most memorable being one with lots of dangly charms like a blue clay turtle and a purple rubix cube. But now I'm 21 so I felt like I needed a more 'adulty' bracelet and here it is! 

My parents recently bought me this Pandora bracelet along with the safety chain, two clips, and the present charm to symbolise my 18th and 21st birthday. I also received the daisy chain charm from my brother as well for my birthday. These together with the Michael Hill charms* I got to choose from their Emma & Roe range, I'm able to arrange the charms to how I'm feeling. Personally I was unsure about getting a mix of charm brands thinking that they may not work together but they do! Now I can buy charms from both brands woo! 

With the charms I have I put together a few ways I'd wear them as I don't actually like wearing loads of charms at once all the time so it's nice to have a change around. 

Filigree Open Heart Pattern Charm, Teal Matte Murano Glass Charm, Daisies Clip, Silver Present Charm, Darling Daisies Spacer, Sterling Silver Crown Charm, Milkyway Clip, Blue & Gold Sparkle Murano Glass Charm, Filigree Flower Charm.
Do you have a charm bracelet? What charms do you have, I'm thinking about getting a Lion charm next. 

*Michael Hill have kindly allowed me to choose these Emma & Roe charms but all opinions are my own. Just look at them how could you not like them!

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