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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Since the semester is over I thought I'd share some work I've done over the last 12 weeks. To new readers; hi I study Graphic Design! This was by far my favourite project I've worked on this semester, closely followed by App class where, as you've probably guessed, we had to design an app. For print however we had to design our own conference which from that we were to create a poster, a 12 page brochure, two banners, and a fourth item - I chose a hoodie and t-shirt combination. My conference, Dissect, is a typography based conference concentrating on the structure of type. I wanted to imply the idea of peeling back layers to really understand type. 

I thought this might give outsiders a look into what a normal six week project looks like for a third year designer! Makes me wonder what other professions would do? Other than essays of course. 

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