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Perfect Winter Polishes

Friday, 19 June 2015

I used to be obsessed with painting my nails with wacky intricate designs which you can actually see some here on my nail art tumblr. I used to spend every sunday night painting a new design for the new week but since starting uni I've gotten less and less interested and it's gotten to the point where I don't actually paint my nails all that much. However I still love having my nails painted I just don't have the time, so when I do end up painting them it's even more fulfilling! A lot of the northern hemisphere are blogging about their favourite spring/summer polishes and it's just making me want to pull out my favourite pastel teal polish but it's just not right. My collection (check it out here) is mainly filled with colours like the pastel teal that suit spring and summer and although I have a couple of khaki greens and greys I was really happy to recently upgrade my collection with these two beauties. 

I won Essie's 'The Perfect Cover Up' on a Facebook competition for Hannah's blog A Lovely Look and was really excited to receive it and finally paint my nails again. A lovely greeny grey colour that's a perfect autumn/winter colour. I also picked up this Sally Hansen polish in 'Jungle Gem' for a whole $3.50 from Farmers, I was 'umming and arring' about whether to get it or not for $5 and mum pushed me into it and as it turned out even cheaper I'm glad she did! A little less grey than the Essie polish it's still a really nice autumn/winter colour. 
I don't really do reds and pinks with nail polish so a gorgeous oxblood colour isn't really my thing so it was great to get these two for my collection especially as they're nothing like what I already have. 
Question is which one do I use first?! No seriously tell me!

What's your favourite autumn winter nail colour? Is there one colour you wear the entire 6 months of the year as soon as it's deemed cold enough?

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