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Friday, 17 July 2015
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Today in one of my classes we were discussing the topic of well being. The tutors got us to write down a list of positives that have happened in our lives, negatives that have happened, and why. We went through some rather big events in the positives, I wrote down things from getting accepted into university to having a lie in, but the negatives were a little harder. My group and I talked about the tiny first world problems that have a negative impact in our lives, breaking a nail or your iPhone, however we weren't confident I guess is the word to share the bigger ones.

After all of this our tutors got us to look back over our negative lists and see what we could've done differently so that they wouldn't have happened, but also what we could do now to make our view on them different. To look at it from another angle so to speak. For example my group and I talked about getting a bad grade or turning a project in that you weren't happy with. We decided that although it might not be a great grade it was only one grade. One grade out of a whole heap of them we'd get at uni we might as well think about what else we achieved from that paper, that we'd learnt lots, and learnt how to do things different next time.

It made me think more about my life. I'm pretty happy with my life; I have a great family, great boyfriend, great friends, great kitten, great house, what more do I need? Unfortunately there are a few small things that get me down but I feel that if I put it into perspective from today's class then maybe I may be able to sort them out. For a start I should put all the bad stuff behind me and never look back. Stop searching for things I know will put a downer on my day.

I'm no expert but some key advice I will say would be to PUT THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE, DON'T SEARCH FOR SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU UNHAPPY, DELETE ALL NEGATIVE PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE - some maybe as easy as unfollowing that jerks Instagram, some might be harder.

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