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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Okay first of all before I even get onto the topic of this post I wanted to point out that my eyebrows are not ginger. I don't know what happened from my face to the computer screen but no matter what I did they wouldn't stop being ginger and I didn't want to over edit the photo. Now we've established that we can move onto the rest of my face! Something that I wasn't really able to do during the last week or so while I was busy getting all my uni work up to date and handed in was my make up. I piled on a heap of concealer to attempt to cover my huge A1 sized dark circles and a little mascara and on I went. Normally however I wear pretty much the same thing everyday, besides lip colour, if I'm not doing anything special. 

I never wear foundation, if I want extra coverage I use a BB cream but I rarely use that, I'm pretty lucky with my skin and feel comfortable without it. I do however have a love for concealer, seriously if I could only wear one product it would be concealer (and mascara cough), just because I always have awful dark circles. My favourite is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and I've currently been trying out the Essence Match 2 Cover cream concealer which I've found is perfect for the odd spot or two. On top of that I use the E.L.F pressed powder which is so much better for my dryer areas than the L.A Girl powder I used before but still not perfect if you have any suggestions. If you haven't already noticed I'm not a huge spender when it comes to make up, I find I'm not talented enough to splurge and I manage fine covering/accentuating what I want with cheaper products. I do however have the Real Techniques powder brush and expert face brush to apply this all with.

Then the eye area woo! After slightly filling my brows with a (not ginger) eyeshadow from a Maybelline Palette not featured here oops I shove some brown eyeshadow on my lids with a brush also not featured, very technical! Liquid eyeliner is a very new thing for me, when I say new I mean I tried it every so often and failed and threw it across the room in rage. Then I got this W7 Automatic Eye Liner Pen a few months ago and haven't looked back, I've pretty much used it every day since (if I have time unlike uni stress times mentioned above) — I normally only tight line my upper lid. Finish it off with a bit of mascara, my fav is Maybelline The Falsies mascara but currently using the Falsies Big Eye version and while not bad I still prefer the falsies which shall be bought when this one needs replacing.

End it with a babein' lip colour, currently loving Topshop Beguiled & Jordana Taupe, and you're ready to strut into uni looking hot (or at least not as tired as you were looking half an hour ago)! I think I'm going to stick to regular lifestyle posts now, I feel I'm not good enough at makeup to post this stuff I don't even use blush let alone contour etc cry but this is what works for my face! Also how you beauty bloggers take the face photos all the time is beyond me, big pat on the back to you all!

(Yo I bought the linked items above off iHerb, if you want 10% off use this code woo love ya > CTP518)

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