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What Even is Summer Smart Casual?

Wednesday, 19 August 2015
ASOS Flare Trouser | Oh My Love High Neck Crop Tee in Baby Deer Print | ASOS TALL Sleeveless Blouse with Contrast Piping
So with the promise of an internship or a job or similar looming for me in summer I started to worry about what I'd wear. I don't know about you guys but I thought it was a fancy blazer jacket with snazzy pants and shoes but with it being summer it's going to be hot and I faint if I get even the slightest bit overheated so I can't wear that. Brad also mentioned most of my shoes aren't smart casual so what actually is smart casual... help? Apparently smart casual to Google is neat, conventional clothes, yet relatively informal in style. That pretty much summed up most clothes I feel? But I also feel like most of my clothes wouldn't be suitable in a regular smart casual work environment. I know a few of the design companies around Wellington are more casual than the office but on the off chance the one I may work at isn't I thought I'd get prepared!

After scrolling through thousands and thousands of photos on Pinterest I thought I'd fly over to ASOS and check out if they had anything summery while still fitting the smart casual bracket, seen as their summer items are starting to hit the sales. I found a few things that may work and how gorgeous is this baby deer print top though? If this is classed as smart casual I am so tempted to buy it. Although the trousers, I'm not too sure about, I don't know if I could live in trousers in summer I feel they'd only make me too warm. I suppose if I found the right pair that are thin enough it may work, anyone know where I can get them?

ASOS PETITE Dress with D-Ring BeltASOS Tailored A-Line Shorts | ASOS Ponte Blazer
Now shorts are more what I was looking for, I find it's really hard to make shorts smart casual though. According to Tara's advice over on this post on Shop Style Conquer a casual element can work as long as you match it with something that's more dress, I suppose similar to the top worn with the shorts above would work. The blazer however I feel adds some formality to any outfit so maybe I could even get away with some high waisted shorts as long as the top half was more formal, and they of course weren't too short! So I think I need a blazer, but ya know a light one for the heat.

New Look Patent Flat LoaferASOS MAKE MY DAY Pointed Flat Shoes
Oh onto the shooooooes! I hate buying summer shoes though I absolutely love winter shoe shopping but summer shoes no way. I have tiny feet and I can't wear shoes with a toe bar (like jandals) so summer shoe shopping is just awful for me. These shoes however I can totally enjoy shopping for; I can wear them for a start. The pair on the right remind me of the shoes I used to wear for school back in year 8 in my English secondary school; they weren't too picky with shoes as long as they were black, and these types of pointy shoes were all the range for us 13 year olds... we must've looked so lame!

So what do you think? Are any of these suitable enough for me to buy them for summer? Or do you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments I really need help!

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