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Artist Attraction #8 | Emilie De Griottes

Friday, 11 September 2015

Pantone 1797 C
It's been a while since I posted about an artist or a cool piece of art that I liked so I after rediscovering Emilie De Griottes' Pantone tarts I just had to share them! I think pantone colours are pretty well known about the internet now but if I'm wrong for you non designery people they're simply paint charts. Have a look here. There's so many of these floating around the internet but I'm pretty sure Emilie was the first. Created for the magazine food Fricote as a special feature, Emilie made little tarts that resembled specific pantone colour swatches. Bananas made pantone 7507 C, cucumber made 7492 C, and cherry tomatoes made the perfect 485 C colour. Check out all these other pretty colours made by food!

Images courtesy of - Emilie's blog.
I'm not sure about eating the carrot tart but that berry one just makes my mouth water every time I look at it oh and think about it too. Not only is she a pretty amazing food designer but Emilie also blogs about it all, you can see some of her creations like her moon cake up on, you will have to translate it from French but I'm sure with all the techiness of Google translate you can do that at the click of a button. She also has a very lovely designed foodie book full of great recipes, although if you want the pantone tart recipe you'll have to dig around for issue number six of Fricote which I'm pretty sure is in french.

What do you think of these creations, which would you like to try? I think if I created one I'd like to create Pantone 116 C with passionfruit pulp, yum!

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