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iHerb Haul #3 ft. some extras

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Basically this haul was mainly to acquire more brushes seen as I don't have a huge range of brushes and some are getting rather shabby and my spoolie brush just really needed replacing. But before that I got a few little things as a bonus for myself, as well as iHerb including a nail file for free which I actually really did need!

E.L.F Eyebrow Kit in Light $3.00
Of course I had to get this, everyone and their cat has this eyebrow kit so I just had to try it out. Unfortunately the last time I tried on iHerb and in store in Kmart neither had the light version so I just had to wait until it was back in stock. I have it now though and I'm loving it, especially as I got complimented on my brows the other week I've finally began to accept my slightly bushier brows.

Madre Labs Unscented Hand Cream 10c originally $7.95
I didn't know anything about this product at all apart from the fact that it was on sale at an incredible discounted price that I just had to throw it in my basket, you always need hand creams though right? Since then I've seen a few good things about it and have enjoyed using it so far. Although does anyone else think it smells weird? It's meant to be unscented but it just smells weird to me... still works nicely though!

E.L.F Angled Contour Brush  $3.00
I was wanting some smaller brushes as the only ones I really had were face brushes, a liner brush, and one average eyeshadow brush so before finding the ones below on ebay I thought this ELF one seemed pretty good! I read up on the reviews and found it was more of an eyeshadow brush size than a bigger contouring brush so thought it could have a few uses! It's not as soft as the below ones so I'd totally recommend them more.

Spoolie Brush 14p
I needed a new one and for 14p with free shipping how could I say no? Plus it's actually a nicer quality than my previous one and much much cheaper. You can probably see some brow product in there already, I couldn't wait to use it after seeing how bad my old one looked next to this new one.

Eyeshadow Brushes $2.84
You never know with Ebay but I've only had one bad product before and these aren't it! They're a really nice quality for the price, seem much nicer than the ELF one, but I guess only time will tell which will outshine the other. A nice range of shapes to suit a range of tasks for only a couple of dollars, why not?

If any of the products are total winners I guess you'll have to wait and see in a upcoming favourites post, when I get round to having enough things to do one! Let me know if you've got anything good recently, I'm itching to go buy more. Also use CTP518 to get $10 off your first order!

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