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World Of WearableArt was WOW

Friday, 23 October 2015
'Cerulean' by Cushla O'Connell | 'Exotic' by Qianwen Hong

I went to World Of WearableArt last month with my Boyfriend's family, his Nan wonderfully bought me a ticket for my birthday, it was incredible! I was the only one of them that hadn't been before and before the show they all kept smirking at me going 'oh you're going to love it you are', and of course I did! I mean who wouldn't love a show that included a giant sparkly bunny rabbit? I've just gotten my hands on some of the promo photos, as of course you can't take photos of the show, and I thought I might give you a run down of what happened if you didn't get a chance to go! My favourite design was the stag Daenerys Targaryen above named 'Cerulean', her wings opened when she lifted her arms.

'Mona' by Kerryta Chau, Wing Lam Yeung and Emily Lau | 'For Annie' by Doreen Helms and Susan Thurner

So if I remember correctly, apologies I do have to track my mind back a month ago, there were seven sections. Children's Imaginary Friends, Aotearoa, Avant Garde, Architecture, Mans Uniform, Other Worlds, and an Open Section. Designers all around the world design for these seven categories and those select finalists make it into the show. There's then a winners presentation at the end and personally I didn't really agree with most of the winners designs but hey I'm not an expert at this field. I've included some of my favourites in this post and they were all either winners or runners up so I'm not that bad! My favourite section was the first one, the childrens section. There were fluffy clouds that lit up attached to the roof and some were swings that kids would sit on, it was all really magical. Clouds would come up through the floor and be attached to wires so they floated up into the sky. While this was going on each design would come out accompanied by a child who would interact and dance with his or hers imaginary friend. It's hard to convey how amazing the whole scene was.

'Kaleidoscope' by Tess Tavener Hanks | 'One for Sorrow' by Gillian Saunders

Another really cool part was the transition from the Childrens section to the Aotearoa section. During the children's section the clouds would appear beneath this large sheet but when the scene ended a guy came down from the sky, attached the sheet to a hook and it then rose up from the ground to form this huge volcano. It was then when projectors transformed this volcano shaped sheet into an actual snowy mountain that soon started to erupt pouring lava down it's sides. The Aotearoa designs then came out of the mountain.

It's just so amazing and makes for a great night out, I totally recommend going next year if you can afford it! There's music and performances, it's not just the creative designs - there was also two very talented trapeze artists who were seriously amazing! It's also a great excuse to dress up all fancy! You can check out the highlights reel here, let me know your favourites and if you went.

* All images courtesy of World of WearableArt's media centre.
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