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10 Under $10 Stocking Fillers

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jack frost nipping at your nose. Oh I love this season so much and I don't care one bit that all the shops are decked out for Christmas and playing Christmas songs. I tried to restrain myself from posting Christmas related posts too early but I saw others doing it so why not! Every year, even now at 21, my mum makes us up a stocking full of little cheap goodies to give us things to open when we may only have one or two larger presents. They're normally edible things with a few beauty products thrown in, it's a really great way to keep the Christmas spirit going as the kids grow up. I'm making my mum one this year as a surprise, hopefully she doesn't read this, and I thought I'd show you some of the things I'm thinking of including. Now I did restrain myself from doing this entirely full of Kmart goodies but there are a sneaky few.

1. Jamie Oliver Dipped Mug and Spoon [$5.99]
I am a mug hoarder, we all know one and a new mug is perfect for those select few. There's such a range out there in all the shops that there's bound to be one that is perfect. With a cupboard full of character mugs and bright cheesy mugs I personally liked the look of this Jamie Oliver mug from Briscoes, it'll tone down the cupboard a bit.

2. Chocolate Coins [$2.00]
I'm sorry but no stocking is complete without chocolate coins, I may have moved country and the chocolate may be different but I've never had a stocking without a bag of chocolate coins.

3. Star Key Tray [$9.99]
Although advertised as a key tray this dinky little star could hold any of your tiny bits and bobs in life, I'd probably use it for those little bits of jewellery that get stuck in the bottom of drawers and then never worn. Typo currently have a decent range of these trays so if your loved one isn't a fan of stars they'll have one for you for sure!

4. Chocolate Santa [$2.00]
The same as the coins, no stocking is complete without chocolate santas.

5. Copper Pot with Candle [$6.00]
Okay so you may need a decently large stocking for this one but how lovely does this candle look? It does not look $6 at all. Candles may seem like an easy thing to buy at Christmas but you really need to know a little about the loved one's scent preferences, this fig and papaya one for example would be perfect for my Mother who hates vanilla scents.

6. Daily Planner [$9.95]
For the serious planner in your life, they always need new daily planners and what's better than a daily planner that helps them maintain their well being?

7. Concrete Candle [$6.95]
If there's no scent description this candle's most likely vanilla based, so not one for my mum, however how cute is this little concrete candle holder. There's a couple of different patterns so have a look, I'm going to go in and have a sniff too in case it's not vanilla.

8. Glitter Light Socks [$7.00]
I want these now. Any Christmas related clothing I am all for, I mean I'm sitting in Christmas leggings right now and these aren't even my intense Christmas leggings. But some people aren't as into that kind of thing as me so Christmas clothing like these socks that are more toned down and don't scream Christmas might be more their thing.

9. Lindt Chocolate Bear [$5.99]
More chocolate of course is always needed, and Christmas is the time to splurge a little bit for the good stuff. Lindt is a crowd favourite for the splurge and you can never go wrong with more nice chocolate.

10. LED Christmas Decoration [$6.00]
They may look a little tacky but seriously I want to travel to Kmart just for these how adorable are they? For $2 each you can't really complain, maybe for a Christmas present it's kind of late but there's still a few days before you have to take down the decorations and the star could be used year round.

I feel like so many shops are picking up their game around now so if you just stroll round in that Christmas shopping panic I'm sure you'll find loads of bargains - I totally do recommend Kmart! Do you have a stocking every year, or did it stop when you were a kid? 37 days until Christmas eek!

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