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A Family Weekend | Bliss List #2

Monday, 23 November 2015

So this past week I've had my parents down from the North and after not seeing them since July I was pretty excited to say the least. We hadn't really planned on doing anything too exciting, just catching up, so it was a nice and relaxing week. Minus the day beforehand where I spent the entire day cleaning the house top to bottom, it was the first time they'd seen my new house and I wasn't one to let them see it with any mess. I used their visit as an excuse to try out new Wellington cafes and restaurants that I hadn't been to yet, I've been here for three years now and have barely tried any of them. I blame StudyLink and the student life! But I have eaten very well this past week I must say, brunch and dinners every day was lovely - I've probably gained a kg or two from the amount of french toast I've consumed.

We also travelled up to Wanganui, where my boyfriend's family lives, to hang out with them over the weekend and have a big family bonding time. This is the third time the parents have all hung out and I think they've got it down pat now and have already organised spending New Years together. Sometimes I feel like Brad and I have been together for so much longer than we actually have as we've lived together pretty much the entire time we've been together and we've had the cat for almost a year now and our families get on so well. But hey I shouldn't compare our relationship to anyone else's.

It was a rather busy week; we went to Te Papa, camped at Waikanae, browsed markets, watched Christmas parades, and walked for miles and miles each day. It was incredibly tiring but I wouldn't trade it all for anything, totally loving everything in my life right now and I think I'm well on the way to my New Year's resolution! Also ya know it's almost December so Christmas stufffffff wooo!

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