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Artist Attraction #9 | Jessica Hische

Tuesday, 10 November 2015
Oh surprise surprise we have another artist involving type. Have you ever heard of a drop cap? Jessica is the drop cap queen! The latest release of her book collection with Penguin has not only made me want to buy so many more books, but it's also inspired me to want to make my own drop cap alphabet [as mentioned in last week's post]. I really want my initials SM in those books however I'm not sure what Cannery Row is really about but as it's a classic and there's so many good reviews I'm sure it'll be fine but hey who cares it looks pretty!

Not only is she super talented but she's super inspiring too; I've watched so many of her talks and one actually inspired one of my projects this year that I ended up getting an A on so I love her really. She also redesigned the mailchimp logo for all you bloggers! Jessica markets herself as a "letterer, illustrator, and crazy cat lady known for her silly side projects and occasional foul mouth." Not only has she inspired me in that previous project but she just constantly inspires me to go for gold and work extra hard to achieve what I want. She's achieved so much and has worked with clients like Tiffany & co, Wes Anderson, Penguin, Nike, Samsung, and so many more, she's just amazingly talented! Please check out more of her amazing work on her website and just chill in awe at everything. 

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