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Gifts for the Book Lovers

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Reindeer Boot Socks [$14]
I personally will never complain if I receive socks for Christmas, unless they're plain and my only present. The only problem with a Kiwi Christmas is I can't really wear my knee high Christmassey socks in December as it's too hot! These ones are snuggly and totally acceptable to wear all year round!

Moby Dick Drop Cap [$18.66]
It's no secret I've been wanting this book for months, I've posted it on Twitter enough. But any special edition book, like this Penguin Drop Cap series or the Puffin In Bloom series for example would be perfect.

Golden Snitch Necklace [$1.10]
Know your book lovers favourite book? Find them some fun accessories to match, like this Golden Snitch necklace great for Harry Potter lovers like me. I love mine and for only just over a dollar why not!?

Boho Embossed Tin Candle [$15]
Having a candle burning while reading is just so atmospheric. These are some of the prettiest I've seen recently although so so many out there right now are close! Again like I mentioned in my stocking fillers guide, make sure you know your loved one's favourite scents so you don't get them a candle they'd hate.

Curtains Lights [$34.99]
How cute would these be hanging above their little reading nook? Similar to the candle they'd just add to the overall aesthetic and make the reading experience even more comfy and warm.

Buddy the Elf Magnetic Bookmark [$3.23]
This Etsy shop has so many little characters going in and out of her shop all the time, the Christmas season has brought Buddy in and oh he's so adorable. Any of these cute magnetic bookmarks would make a great little present, maybe a stocking filler.

Pattern Throw [$59.99]
How else are they going to get warm and snuggly without a new throw.

I've categorised these gifts under book lovers but really they could be for any guy or gal who loves to snuggle down with a book, a movie, TV shows, games, anything. But basically I just want to get all these and shove them in their designated spaces in my house and read for hours, and I hope if you're a book lover too these things also give you those feels.

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