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October Catch Up

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Yoooooo! It's been a while since I did one of these but seen as I've been absent for a lot of October due to work overload I thought this would be a perfect way to bring it back! How have you been?

So what have I been doing? 
If you're not following me on Twitter or have read some parts of my last couple of blog posts then you might not know that I've finished University for the year. My projects are now all over and I'm officially a fourth year, well if I end up passing my classes which I assume I will as I've never failed yet, then I am. I now have over three months off and depending if I get a job or not I may have all the time in the world to blog! On the topic of blogging, I finally managed to get to a Brunch Club event! I know it's taken me a while but half of the time I literally haven't been able to go, the other half was nerves keeping me away from meeting new people. I don't know why I was scared though they're all lovely bloggers who made me feel really welcome, although I am incredibly disappointed they ran out of french toast. Super excited for next week's November Brunch Club though! I also was able to finally start spending most of my spare time with my friends instead of spending it in front of a computer screen working, which was greatt! How awesome are board game nights that involve alcohol? Answer; pretty awesome! Last night I also went to our joint Halloween party as an amazing skeleton, above is my quick practice face but I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll see my face on the night.

What have I been loving? 
I recently won a Barkers of Geraldine pack off Laura's blog LauraLauraBlog and my gosh the Rhubarb, Raspberry, and Rosehip cordial stuff is amazing. I've been enjoying it with lemonade and berries whist working and it's a great treat to keep me going, I may have already finished the entire bottle. I've also been really loving the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste from Aesop, my boyfriend's gran bought it back from Australia for him along with some other products and, well, I've been using them ever since. I wasn't a huge fan of the shampoo but this exfoliant paste is great at removing dead skin and making my face super smooth!

Some of my favourite posts from the past month:
I thought I'd share some of my favourite posts from the past couple of months instead of just October as they've been like two. So on with the show:

Artist Attraction #7 : Emile De Griottes
Another post where I look at an artist that I'm really loving at the moment, Emile De Griottes is an amazing french food designer and I feature her Pantone coloured tarts on the blog.

The Truth Behind Instagram
Have you ever considered what was outside of an Instagram frame? Cuz I'm pretty sure it won't be what you think - not everything in our lives are perfect enough for those pretty Instagram shots!

How Do You Express Your Creativity?
My University course is pretty creative so I'm mostly always flowing creativity into my work however sometimes I have some left over and get to do non work things, it's great.

Happy Halloween for yesterday, happy November for today! A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! How is it already November? I'm super excited though as Christmas has started to make it into the shops and I love anything Christmas - Yes I'm one of those people sorry. Hope you've had a lovely month, has anything big happened?

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