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Summer Essentials | Bliss List #1

Friday, 13 November 2015

Even though I've been in New Zealand for eight years now Christmas still feels weird being in Summer. I think growing up and having Christmas in Winter is just always going to have that effect on me. I'm still used to having Christmas and Summer separate and even now planning posts for both of them at the same time doesn't feel normal. I've never been a huge fan of Summer really, my body isn't made for it; I pass out, get nose bleeds too much, and my feet hate flip flops, sorry is that tmi? But I am a a fan of the long break, and this will probably be my last ever long Summer holiday from school so I have to make use of it! There are a few things about Summer I love though so I thought I'd share mine, and feel free to share yours too!

Food & Drink - It's no secret some of the best food is available around Summer, there's all the amazing fruit that grows not to mention the ice cream. I am a huge fan of the regular roast dinners but in summer my family jazz it up slightly for the heat and have roast baguettes with salad and potatoes instead and it's just so yummy.

Pool - I used to hate the beach as a kid, I didn't like how the sand got everywhere and irritated you for hours later. My parents had to move me to a country that's known for it's amazing beaches so I ended up getting used to it. I do however love the pool, we built one a few years ago and it's been the most amazing thing during Summer. Bonus: no sand.

Free Time - You can do whatever you like! Yes you may have a job that takes up your day but those long hours of the day in Summer there's so much time to do things afterwards. I just want to catch up on all the books I've wanted to read over the year, the tv shows and movies I've missed, even some of the music I haven't listened to because I was just so busy and my days were so short I never had time.

Maybe a Summer in Wellington might be cooler and make me love summer even more maybe? We'll have to see, what are your favourite things about Summer? Try and convince me!

*Also if you want the graphic as a desktop background or similar let me know and I can send you a higher quality one x
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