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Work Space From Above

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

So this week's #BlogGreatness theme is 'from above' and I thought this was the perfect time to do that desk/work space post I was planning for a while. I don't know what it is about me [and I hope I'm not alone here] but I spend too much time on Pinterest looking at other people's gorgeous work spaces and wishing they were mine. However I do love my work space still, so I thought I would give you a little tour.

On the Left
First of all we have my lamp, I don't know how I do it but I go through lamps so easily - they just get broken every single time we move. I have this lovely aqua one from The Warehouse [that they no longer sell unfortunately] as I decided to stop buying those cheap $9 ones and opt for something twice the price and it's doing well so far. We also have my pen pot, a jam jar, filled with all the pens I'm currently using. The only thing I'm using it for at the moment is sketching and colouring my colouring book in, which the current page is a blue/green/purple theme hence the colours. Also scissors are very handy. There's also normally my pot of ink for when I'm feeling super creative enough to play with ink.

On the Right
My inspiration corner. A pile of Frankie and Yen magazines to flick through if I need inspiration or a background for an Instagram photo, very handy to have at arms length. Along with the marble placemat for those artsy Instagram/blog shots. My colouring book is also here for when I'm feeling like a bit of colouring and some YouTube. I also keep my diary/planner here most of the time [this one's from Typo, last year] mainly for blog planning now a days as I don't have uni dates to keep up with. The same with the notebook mainly for blogging notes but shall be used for uni once it begins again. Also tape is very handy - and cute.

The Middle 
My holy grail, my life, my bae, my darling iMac. There's barely any words for this beauty, but it's still working like a dream 2 years on. Along with that I have the regular wireless Apple keyboard and a touch pad - I barely use my mouse so it doesn't live on the desk. There's also usually my hard drive if I'm using something off it but today it was plugged into the TV for movie viewing.

So there's my workspace, I also have fairy lights on the wall, and a retro aqua desk chair that has a Hedwig pillow pet on, however they didn't really make it into the photo I'm afraid. I tend to try and keep my desk space rather clean and organised but when I start working it just gets super messy. It also usually has a cup or two on the left hand side but ya know I tided up for you guys, hope you appreciate it!

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