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Thursday, 17 December 2015

For the past week I've been up down and all around the country doing loads of things. I went to the Christmas bloggers event, got all my Christmas presents, travelled up to Auckland on NakedBus' new Sleeper bus (it has beds so you can sleep, it's great), ventured around Auckland for a few days, saw Ed Sheeran again, travelled back to Katikati for the holidays, went back up to Auckland again, came back down to Katikati, and now I've finally got chance to sit down for a second and watch Scream Queens.

#NZBloggers #BrunchClub Christmas Event
After building up the courage to finally go to a BrunchClub event back in October I had been itching to go again. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the November brunch, but I was however available to attend the December Christmas event! More of a cocktail club than a brunch club, we all headed to Motel Bar to celebrate the festivities. It was great to meet so many more bloggers, and to have a chance to have a catch up before the silly season busy times started. After a couple of great cocktails; I went with the vodka loaded Big Don's Sing Along, my confidence rose. I was able to get thoroughly involved with all the conversations instead of sitting in the background listening in like I thought I might do.

Ed Sheeran Concert
His concerts will never beat the first time - back in 2012, front row, when there was so little security we could reach out onto the stage if we wanted - but boy was it close. It was his last performance from a four and a half year tour so he just brought it all, like damn he did not hold back. Bringing along Foy Vance, Passenger, and Rudimental to open it was almost like a mini festival at the stadium - I'm just glad I had a seat in the stands as standing from six til half ten would've killed me! His new album is out next year and I can't wait!

It's Christmas next week my gosh December has gone so fast! What have you been up to lately?

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