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November Catch Up

Thursday, 3 December 2015

So what have I been doing?
I actually managed to keep up with my goal of posting every second day in November. Apart from missing one weekend post I think I did kind of well! I hope you've been enjoying reading them as much as I have been writing them. I'm not planning on posting as much in December, if you haven't already noticed, seen as it's Christmastime and I'm spending a few weeks at home with my family. We'll see though, I love Christmas and this blog is all about the things I love. Speaking of Christmas we got our decorations! It's the first time I've spent a fair amount of December in Wellington so Brad and I bought out Kmart and decorated the place a few days ago. It looks so festive and homely, I love it! The highlight of my month has been having my parents down for a couple of days, spending some quality time with them. I wrote more about that here but we had a lovely relaxing few days filled with food, drink, and lots of catching up. I did introduce a new series to Sofilly this month; the Bliss Lists - basically I wanted to introduce some more hand lettering and what better way to do that than to share things I love and things that inspire me. Would you like more, or should I end them?

What have I been loving?
As it's the holidays and I'm rarely seeing my peers I've been trying to get used to wearing less make up. I used to rarely wear make up, but now I wont leave the house without it. I've been making progress this month and a couple of times I haven't worn any, but when I do I've been loving the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara as it just accentuates my natural lashes. This along with some concealer, powder, and tinted lip balm has been my go to everyday look if I do feel like I need make up. I've also been loving this light up star from Kmart, featured above, it's just so darn cute. It fitted nicely into my desk decor until it was time to decorate the house for Christmas when it moved into the lounge, I plan on stealing it back for my desk next month though. It reminds me of Fleur DeForce and sometimes makes me feel like I should start a YouTube channel just so it can be in my background.

Some of my favourite posts from the past month:
Workspace From Above
For a #NZBloggers weekly challenge I did a little desk tour, while my desk is a little rearranged since then the items are still the same. Curious? Have a look!

Stocking Fillers Under $10
One of my favourite things to buy for at Christmas is small stocking stuffers. While I haven't ever given someone a stocking before [that all changes this year] I always tend to give people for Christmas and Birthdays a small selection of gifts instead of one main present. Check out some of my favourites this year.

Summer Essentials
So I may love Autumn and Winter more than Summer but there's a couple of things that I do really love about Summer and some of the essential things from Summer that I miss in Winter.

I hope you've had a lovely start of December and enjoyed opening those advent calendars, what type do you have this year? The beauty ones are just too expensive so I just have a regular Cadbury one that my Mum bought me. I'm not complaining though, it's chocolate!

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