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A Year Of Firsts - Sort Of Completed

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

So at the beginning of the year I set a couple of goals to complete throughout the year, some first goals. It's now almost 2016 so my time has run out

Attend a blogging event []
I conquered my fears and managed to attend a few blogging events. I'm proud of myself for finally stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting the lovely bunch of blogging ladies in Wellington. Looking forward to many more in 2016.

Do a zoo encounter [x]
Sadly the stars of money and time weren't aligned for this, this year. I just cant bring myself to spend $160 to meet meerkats while I'm still a student, maybe in the future.

Learn how to use my camera correctly  []
I'm pretty much there, it's still in the practice makes perfect stage however I know what's happening and what to change to get the photos I want. I'd call that a pass! 

Leave more time for art []
I've been using more of my free time to do more of the arty things that I don't get to utilise in specific uni projects. This is mainly my love for hand inked typography which you may have seen across the blog lately.

Turn 21 []
Pretty much guaranteed this would happen but yes I managed this in April. 

Gain 100 Bloglovin followers [x]
I'm still yet to reach 100 followers but I'm still happy with the amount of followers I have, it's not meant to be about the numbers anyway right? 

Get an A+ overall grade [x]
Couple of A's and A-'s but no A+'s unfortunately - just makes me feel average ya know? There's always this year! 

Cook More [✓/x]
Kind of happened, kind of didn't. I don't think I'm ever really going to like cooking really, it's just something you've gotta do.

Get happier with my blog []
While I had planned a whole redesign for the start of 2016, due to some circumstances it didn't happen but I'm still much happier with my blog than I was at the start of 2015. I'm posting more of what I want and less of what I think people want to read so I enjoy it more. Also I've managed to mostly stick to some sort of blog schedule with I'm pretty pleased about!

Save some money []
Managed this pretty easily! Couple of freelance jobs helped out too.

Spend it on good things []
I may have started a collection of Funko Pop toys with my boyfriend, which I class as good things. So I'm classing this as a yes... there also may be a Macbook appearing in the near future... maybe.

While I haven't completed all my mini first goals I'm pretty happy with the ones I've achieved or half achieved. I also managed a couple of firsts not on the list which is awesome too!

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