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Great Expectations

Friday, 29 January 2016

No matter what stage of life you're at there's always some sort of expectations of you. Whether you're in primary school trying to make your handwriting neat enough to use a pen. Or high school, having the knowledge to get into the excell classes. University and the expectation to get straight A's in every topic and graduate with first class honours. Or working life, getting the highest sales of the day, or the fastest working speed...

Okay so I may not be 100% sure about the 'adult working life' side of things but I do know a lot about the learning side. Not only is life full of expectations but it's also full of constant comparisons to those fulfilling the same expectations. There's always that one kid who does no revision but can always get straight A's, while hours of revision might scrape you a B. It might not seem fair, but as people say, that's life. The sooner you respect that there's always going to be people that seem better than you, the better.

I've always been one to almost ignore all of my personal achievements as there's always someone achieving that one step higher. But after some wise words in Hollie's latest post herepeople learn at different paces and in different ways, I started to rethink the way I acted. I went back and looked at my grades from the past three years and realised that I've actually improved quite a bit each year. Although it's not straight A's I've managed to learn and improve my grades yearly - that I'm actually proud of. Hey at this rate with fourth year I may stand a chance at straight A's... Or maybe a few A-'s as well.

I haven't really set goals for this year yet but I think concentrating more on personal achievements and less on comparing myself to others should be on the top of my list. I doubt I'll ever stop comparing myself but as long as I try and do it less then, hey, that's a personal achievement in itself!

Who's with me?

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