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What I Got For Christmas

Monday, 11 January 2016

I had a really lovely Christmas with my family, just relaxing and spending time together, playing games and eating a ton of food. It's been two weeks since Christmas and I've just finally been able to sit down and blog, I've had house guests the entire time and haven't really had any free time to myself. After seeing all the YouTubers and Bloggers sharing their presents I thought I'd give you a quick glance into what I received. The only thing I really asked for was a certain pair of pyjamas and chocolate so the rest was just perfectly chosen for me.

Most of what I received were little gifts as I was given money to put towards hopefully a Macbook Pro but my gosh some of them were perfect! Mum acted all oblivious when I was telling her about Zoella's beauty products on Christmas eve, I probably shouldn't have been so naive as she watches all of Zoe's vlogs she probably would know about them. Much to my surprise I opened up the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar and Lace Collar Bag on Christmas day along with some cute Macaron trinket boxes. While she was in England a few days earlier she also picked up the Primark Hogwarts pyjamas I was asking about. They're so comfy and warm, definitely not summer pyjamas, but along with the gigantic mug I got for huge cups of tea I'm going to be so sorted for Wellington winters!

My love for tea must have gotten across to everyone as I also received a Sloth Tea Infuser, a pack of Twinings tea, a tea container, and a poster all themed around tea. Let's just say I'll be set for a while and my new sloth is called Graham. To go with Graham, by brother also got me the Secret Garden colouring book and only realised I already had the Enchanted Forest one a few days before Christmas. He was a bit worried but personally you can't have too many colouring books, they're both really pretty anyway.

Brad really hit the mark this Christmas and I was really blown away with some of the things he got me, for a start I didn't even know the cat Pandora charm existed and he apparently managed to buy it while shopping with me over Christmas without me knowing which I'm pretty impressed by. He also remembered from months ago when I mentioned once maybe twice that I was wanting to try wearing one of them big floppy hats and got me one of those! Serious boyfriend points for listening to me ramble about fashion-y stuff. Along with a Snape Pop! and a DIY Clock for our house he did pretty well!

I wasn't really expecting anything from Brad's family so when he came up the day after boxing day with presents it was like a second Christmas! Along with the tea goodies mentioned earlier his Parents also got me an Ed Sheeran Calendar for our house as they know he's my love. His Grandparents also got me a couple of things including an Olive travel gift set and some Heart tealight holders.

Even though I was really spoilt by my family I also might have bought myself a few early Christmas presents while I was buying everyone elses. As mentioned above I'm currently loving the Harry Potter Pop! toys and while I was shopping for my brother and boyfriend I first noticed that there was actually an Albus Dumbledore for the first time ever so I couldn't not pick him up. I also saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione in a box set together which made them like $30 cheaper than buying them separately so I grabbed them too! Turns out my boyfriend was planning on getting the box set for me and was a little miffed that I got them myself. Months ago I also purchased myself an A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner to hopefully use and make my fourth year at uni easier. Turns out it's not as great as I first thought, but I'm sure I'll get used to it!

I hope you enjoyed looking into my presents, I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas and New Year holiday! What was your favourite moment?

P.S Hope you like the little makeover, it was meant to happen a month ago but ya know things got in the way. There may be minor tweaks here and there but the jist of it is all sorted, I hope!
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