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Five Ways To Break That Creativity Block

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Creativity block; we've all had it, we've all hated it. But how do we overcome the annoying process when our brains lack the creativity to finish that project?

Take to the Internet /
Tumblr, Pinterest and the likes are fabulous never ending galleries of inspiration. If I'm ever lacking inspiration or my creative juices aren't flowing the first place I head to is Pinterest. I used to use it solely for staring at amazing decor but then I began using for Uni projects and I haven't looked back. My decor board is sadly sitting there unused while I have stacks and stacks of private boards teeming with images for every project/class/idea. I'm currently stuck for an idea for my major project this year so I've started a huge mood board type board to try and spark an idea. Try it out yourself!

Magazines, Newspapers, Books /
The internet might not be the best place for you right now, it may just lead to scrolling Facebook or Twitter for the next few hours. If this is the case the next port of call I recommend is physical images and inspiration. Magazines and newspapers have ever changing content so if one issue isn't calling your name, another might. All it takes is that one image, line, or quote to spark creativity.

Take time out /
If finding inspiration isn't helping maybe just shutting it all out will. Listen to music, watch the new episode of a show you love, distract your mind from the important stuff for a while and you may come back feeling much better. Of course there's always that fear you may turn on one episode and hours later realise you've watched a series and no more of that essay got done but there are ways around that. Give yourself a time limit, tell yourself you'll get back to it after this episode... and actually do it!

Go Outside /
Instead of staying inside to distract yourself, maybe go outside. Whether it be a walk, a run, some other form of exercise, or even some window shopping. Similar to watching your favourite show, it will distract your mind and give it some time to relax, allowing you to go back and return to the zone. There might even be a show or event going on that could spark something, I went to the Dreamworks exhibition at Te Papa the other day and my boyfriend and I came home wanting to do all the creative things!

Be Social /
If none of the above worked then distract your buddies, see what they're up to and how far they're through. It may stress you out if they're so far ahead but it could also open your eyes to a path you'd forgotten about, a path that will take you all the way to the finish line. But they also could be struggling as much as you and talking together through the problems may help both of you!

These are just five ways I try to help myself sometimes, I will admit this is shared with a lot of scrolling through Facebook and Twitter and texting my Mum but I've gotten there in the end each time. Find out what works for you and feel free to share your tips in the comments too!

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