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Summer Beauty Favourites

Friday, 5 February 2016

Essie The Perfect Cover Up /
While I haven’t been wearing nail polish all too often, when I have been wearing it I’ve been wearing this. It’s not exactly a summery polish but at the moment I really can’t be bothered painting my nails all the time and the dark polish looks great for a long time. 

Le Tan Coconut Lotion SPF 30+ /
After getting my face burnt on a nice hot October day I haven’t gone outside without at least some of this coconut lotion on my face. I’m not 100% sure if it’s even meant to be used on the face or just the body but it’s been working great for me and I’ve yet to burn again. I’d say that’s a success. It also makes my face smell like coconut all day and while I’m not a huge fan everyone else seems to compliment me on it. 

Clinique High Impact Mascara /
While it's not my favourite all time mascara this high impact mascara from Clinique has been great over summer. When you're constantly out in the heat and near the pool the last thing I feel like wearing is a lot of make up, and I'm not alone here right. This elongates and thickens the lashes while not going over the top, perfect for an everyday look with barely anything else.

Baby Lips Pink Glow /
Along with the easy every day mascara I've been loving this Baby Lips lip balm, which you can tell from the state of the packaging. It keeps my lips moisturised while the sun attempts to dry them out while providing a nice sheer colour.

Kmart Makeup Sponge / 
(Not pictured, you all know the ones, the egg shaped sponges)
I’ve avoided the makeup sponges for this long but while in Kmart and having one of those ‘oh it’s cheap I’ll get it’ moments we’ve all had I popped it into my basket. I’m not sure if I’m using it right but I feel like my concealer is going on better than with a brush so it seems like I’m doing it right. Seen as all I've been wearing most days out has been previously mentioned, having my concealer going on like a dream is a real plus!

Soov Bite /
Summer for me equals bites, and bites for me equals huge swelling itchy bites. Is that too much information? Anyway while this may not be strictly beauty it’s definitely been one of my favourite 'body related' things over the summer, I’m currently waiting for my entire ankle to heal from bites and Soov Bite is my saving grace. If you suffer from big reactions to itchy bites I totally recommend getting a tube of this.

Summer isn't over yet but I can see myself using all these throughout the next month or so. I think this has been one of the most enjoyable Summers that I've spent in New Zealand, I haven't got that overheated this time and I've done a fair amount of things instead of being cooped up in my house in a tiny town. What sort of beauty things are your favourites this Summer?
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