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February Favourites

Wednesday, 2 March 2016
The end of February meant the end of summer, literally and psychologically for me. I started back at University yesterday on the first and being my last year this is technically the last of those schooling summer holidays. But hey I didn't waste my time, I did loads of things and discovered a lot of new things too, here's some of my faves from this month.

Leading on from my last post about hand lettering tools I already mentioned loving this Faber-Castell PITT artist pen. I've been using it non stop to create lots of inky designs and it sparked a lot of creativity and ideas inside my brain that I admit got a little slow over the Christmas time. Perfect timing really.

When I haven't been doodling (or binge watching stuff) I've been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. It's one of those games, like The Sims, that I either don't play for months or spend most of my time playing. Basically you're mayor of this town but instead of human villagers they're all animals, ooh shocking, your aim is to pretty much have a perfect town and fulfil lots of mini challenges. Things like catching all the bugs that will ever appear in your town, some only appear in certain months so it's not something you can complete in a few weeks. I recently discovered a friend also plays so now I've made it my personal challenge to get more money than him etc etc. Let me know if you also play and want to raid my fruit trees!

After watching one of Shop Style Conquers videos, where Tara mentioned using only a small amount of lipstick and dabbing it on your lips to make it less intense, my life changed. I've had this Topshop Lipstick in Beguiled for ages now but I rarely use it as it's rather intense, I love the colour I just wouldn't wear it everyday. So now after using Tara's technique I've been wearing it all the time and it's staying power is excellent so ya know it's a win win.

Seriously I've been loving Instagram so much this month, even more so after Sunday's #NZBloggers chat. An account I've really been loving though has been @thebookcube - a bit different to all the marble and copper flatlays flying round the place. I discovered the world of bookstagrams a few months ago and have slowly been adding more and more accounts to my feed and this one doesn't disappoint, all her photos are just perfectly arranged with perfect lighting and are just aesthetically pleasing in general which we all know is a key thing for Instagram. If you're into book themed accounts totally check out Annie's!

Totally wasn't dissing marble a minute ago but at the start of the month I managed to pick up one of Kmarts Marble Canisters and it has been really handy. I was looking for for one of the geometric printed ones but I haven't seen them at all in real live, only on Instagram so I settled for the marble one. It's currently holding my favourite everyday jewellery and has made a better job of it than the countertop.

How was your February?