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Is Bullet Journalling For You?

Wednesday, 23 March 2016
As I was embarking on my major project this year, and basically wanted to get myself hella organised so I wouldn't end up in a balled up mess crying in a corner at the end of it (let's be honest that'll still probably happen) I came across the idea of Bullet Journalling on Pinterest and started to give it a try. In case you have no idea what I'm on about I'll let you in on the details then let you know how it's been treating me.

What is it?
It's pretty much a simplified planner/diary with coded bullet points; take any notebook and turn it into a to-do list, sketchbook, diary, and notebook all in one. The idea is that it takes all the effort from planning and organising and let's you use that effort for the important things, like actually completing those tasks. You begin with a month to a page type view, where all general appointments and big important tasks are included, here you can see all the meetings I need to go to and that my car rego expires this month and needs to be renewed. Then you get onto the daily pages, you can customise this all how you feel best but it's the bullet points are the key here. Tasks are set with a dot, once completed they become an X, no longer relevant tasks are crossed right through, there's also arrows that mean task migrated and task scheduled but personally I don't use these. Then there's events, represented by a circle, written in the briefest way possible however you're welcome to write about the event in a more diary type entry - personalise the way you run your journal to you. Any notes are given a dash, these should be things to remember for the future. These can also have signifiers, priority etc, however I don't use that. If you want to know more, as I probably haven't explained it in the best way, check out the website.

How am I going with it?
I personally use my bullet journal to handle all my University things going on, pretty much using it as a slightly complicated but easy to understand to-do list. Not only do I use the bullet point system in my journal but I use it throughout my University workbooks as an easy way to look back through my work and see what was just an 'in the moment' thought and what I needed to remember for a future time. I'm actually really enjoying it, I've only been going since the start of March, so not even a month, however after the first few days I just naturally started using the correct symbols in my work and especially in my bullet journal. Each day when I sit down at my desk to do University work I copy a set of tasks onto my weekly desktop planner (also coded in bullet form) and get them done. I don't know if this will still work as well when I'm at that 'balled up mess crying in a corner' stage of the year but I'll let you know how it works out.

Have any of you heard about this technique and given it a go? I'd love to know how you went. Also if you haven't heard of this, have I converted any of you?