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Monday, 28 March 2016

Game Of Thrones // 
Oh gosh I finally got my hands on a proper physical copy of this book and it's changed my life. I've literally spent the past two or so years trying to read this book but I just couldn't, it just wouldn't happen. But now I am currently around halfway through and it's wonderful, I would happily just sit and read it until it's over if I didn't have all this University work to do. I give myself an hour before bed to read as much as I can to just chill my brain down from work to sleep, it's been working wonders (especially when tied with yoga beforehand).

Weekly Planner //
This beauty was only $6 from Kmart, an absolute steal, and I've been using it ever since returning back to University. I've found, along with my bullet journal, it's so much easier to use than a proper planner/diary and unfortunately my A Beautiful Mess planner has been sent to the back of my desk. But hey use what works for you right? It's so great to lay out all my classes, events, talks, work, and meetings etc all out on here and refer to it whenever needed.

I realise these have been a thing for so so long but I recently started using my boyfriends one he got ages ago and never used and it's been great. I've been using it more for tracking my sleep rather than for the step count and while it's not 100% accurate it's still really cool seeing how I sleep. I've been using this to try and change my sleep schedule, and the way I do things before bed to try to help myself have a better night's sleep. While I'm not 100% if it's been working my body has been loving all the self care attention so I guess that's all that matters.

The Queue //
I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and it's the perfect thing to listen to while doing University work, personally I find if I'm listening to design-y themed podcasts (like DesignLife) I listen too intensely and can't work as much, whereas this Disney themed one is great. I already followed Scott on YouTube as OhYeahDisney but ya know podcasts are so much easier to listen to while working than YouTube videos. Each themed around a specific Disney themes, favourite rides, foods, films etc, marketed as 95% Disney and 5% everything else these two guys are so easy to listen to and make you feel like you're as close to being in the Disney parks as possible. Unfortunately I'm now all up to date so I now have to wait every week for a new episode which my working habits really taking a hit for. (Recommend me good podcasts guys!)

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners //
I may have specifically bought all of these fineliners for my colouring in books however they've been super useful this month while I've been back at University. I kinda like to colour code a lot, and these are perfect for it! I can have all my personal responses in one colour and all my references in another. It's just great for quickly scanning pages full of research and finding the information you want. I also buy them separately at my local art shop so I can get all the pretty colours I want and none of the rubbish from the sets!

Hope you've had a lovely month so far and enjoying the Easter holidays! Eat all the chocolate!!!