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Positives & Negatives 16.3.16

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

+ After my past week of feeling awful I've managed to sort out a routine and cut out some types of food/drink in my diet and it's been working well. Not 100% if it's just a coincidence but I don't care as it's working!
+ Saturday's #BrunchClub was fab, starting to get more comfortable and confident at these and it's great meeting all the lovely Wellington bloggers. Plus the pancakes were top notch!
+ I feel like I'm going in the right direction with all of my university projects, while some are going much better than others but I'm feeling okay with it all.
+ I've just got back from a studio talk/tour and it's changed/confirmed a lot of views about my future and what I need to do to go where I want to go which is great. Also those things are actually achievable too so fingers crossed I manage it!

- Major project is so confusing! I did mention I felt I was going in the right direction above but doesn't mean I've been flying in all different directions to get there in the end. That's just part of major project and it's going to happen again and again I feel.
- I've had like no time for blogging and unfortunately my prewritten stash has depleted. Apologies I'll try as hard as I can to be back as usual. I do have a blog post plan however most of my free time lately has been spent off the computer.

Hopefully I shall see you all again here on Friday like the plan says, but we'll see how that goes! How have you guys been feeling lately?