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Easter and Willy Wonka // Bliss List #4

Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter's one of my favourite times of year, behind Christmas, as not only does it include chocolate but there's also two public holidays, which means my family have time to travel and spend time with me. Last year my parents and brother travelled down to Wellington to spend the weekend but this year it was my turn to travel up to my boyfriend's parents house. While they live closer than my parents so we see them more often it's still lovely having the free days to all get together and catch up, no matter how long it's been. We had numerous glorious dinners and snacks and movies and a lovely boat trip up the river (and sneaking little bits of uni work in between) so now I'm rather full and tired but hey it's still my holiday's for another week. Whenever there's any talk of lots of chocolate I automatically think of the opening scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original not the 2005 remake. The flowing melted chocolate and all the inside flavours just makes my mouth water. 

1 // One of the the chocolates I craved every time I'd watch that film was the Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight seriously how great does that sound? It sounds like a combination of a Galaxy Ripple and Cadbury Fudge with some added extras, sounds awesome. They did release some chocolate here in NZ a few years back that were to replicate this bar, and others, and that seemed like a great idea but were just horrid. 

2 // Also the Three Course Dinner Gum, ya know that one that turned violet into a blueberry? Wouldn't that be awesome? Of course the part about the three courses in one stick of gum, not turning into a blueberry. If someone could actually invent that I would be very happy, it would save doing the dishes anyway. 

3 // Cheating a little here as it's not a singular candy but boy would I love to go into the huge big chocolate room, that one at the start where every single thing is edible. How awesome would that be? The giant gummy bears, the flower teacups, the creamy mushrooms, and how could you ignore the giant chocolate river? 

4 // The final one I'm pretty sure wasn't in the books or films but it's an actual Wonka sweet that I love. Nerds! Throughout my final year of high school I consumed so many packets of nerds that it's not my favourite anymore but I wouldn't say no if you offered me one. 

I've probably forgotten half of the glorious sweets and chocolate from the story so feel free to let me know the one's you'd like to try!