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How I Organise My Blogging Schedule

Friday, 22 April 2016

1. Excel is great! 
There's so many blogging calendar apps and websites and everything but seriously I find Excel so much easier and simpler. I've tried so many other ones, like Trello for example, and believe me I'd love it if an app was easier for me but alas that's not the case. I love seeing everything all in one place and it's all separated into months so I can easily look back and see what I posted on what day.

2. Colour co-ordinate everything!
If, like me, you post a range of content and want to try and post regular content of each theme then colours might be for you. I mainly post about design, books, and lifestyle so each of them have a different colour mapped out on the calendar to make sure I'm posting a fair amount of each. I try to post three times a week which allows for a post of each, however currently Uni work is making it that much harder to post so the grey missed posts unfortunately this month have all been design related. To make up for that I've made two out of three posts next week design related (just a little preview!). As you can see lifestyle posts are posted more often as quite a lot of topics can fit into lifestyle so it allows more variety for you guys, especially if you're not one for design or book related posts! I also use grey for missed posts that can be used next month, and a darker grey for those I may have missed twice or more. This may mean it's more than just uni work getting in the way and I don't actually want to write that post so it gets scrapped.

3. Checklists are so helpful! 
As mentioned before, now Uni work is taking over my life I find if I have a spare couple of minutes I can simply look at my chart and see which posts are coming up soon and which need photos or which need content etc. Then I can use those spare minutes to quickly spell check a previously written post, write up a structure idea, or take some photos for a couple of posts depending on the time allotted. I currently have structure, images, content fully written, scheduled, social media, and live on my checklist. Also colour co-ordinated!

4. TweetDeck is also really great! 
For scheduling and blogger chats TweetDeck is awesome. I know there's a couple of scheduling type websites out there for Twitter and other social media, but TweetDeck is just what I discovered and loved and haven't stopped using. I rarely use the proper page anymore. As you can have columns for each and every hashtag you want to follow it's such a simple way to have all my blogger hashtags and uni hashtags all in one place and simple to read. You can also schedule tweets well in advance so whenever I finish writing a post and set it for post I set up the tweets along with it at the same time. It makes it a hell of a lot easier than remembering to tweet whenever a post goes live, or to aim at those audiences around the world.

Take from this what you like, if anything happens to work for you let me know. Or if you know of anything that can help my organisation further, a new program for example totally comment. Course you can always do most of this by hand in a journal or diary, don't think you have to be all digital! I'm currently looking at how people work for my uni work so dissecting how I organise my blogging is totally uni work right?

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