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Internet Loving Monday

Monday, 11 April 2016

As it's a Monday and everyone's always sad the weekend is over I thought I'd give out some internet love. I want to try and make this into a feature every month to share as much love as possible! Tomorrow I return to University after a two week break, but tomorrow is also my first hand in of the semester so I've had no break as such. I've been constantly working so I haven't had a whole lot of time to read a lot of blogs so a couple of these loves are Instagram accounts (who also have blogs and YouTube etc).

Laurel // @morallaurel
I can't remember when I first started following Laurel's Instagram but her work is just great! I've been super loving it recently and getting inspired every time she posts, kinda just want to get out my pens and start lettering even though I'm way too busy. She works under the phrase 'fun honest work' and boy does that show, the fun quirky capital lettering just makes me smile every time I see it. If you're needing a reboot in creativity and inspiration totally check out her Instagram.

Sophie // @nanawintour
I think I may have mentioned Sophie's blog and Instagram in a post before but she deserves another mention as every photo on her blog or two Instagram accounts are fab. Sophie's book account might have been the thing that got me started on posting book photos on my blog Instagram, to the point now that they've taken over and I've started a proper book Instagram instead. She's the perfect balance between beauty and books, and everything else so go have a look, also her visual journals and inspiration boards are just beautiful.

Hollie // @holliearnettdesign
One of my fellow classmates and creator of inspiring things. I've been loving her vlogs in particular lately however her blog and Instagrams are great too! If you love design things or just need a kick in the butt with motivation and productivity her vlogs just make me feel in the zone to start creating. Her blog is also filled with great suggestions and techniques to make it in the creative world.

Kate // @katekey_
Another graphic designer, Kate's feed is full of beautiful quotes, lifestyle, and inspiration. I think even if you're not a designer or a creative, moodboards are still pretty things right? So if you only visit one place from this post go check out Kate's moodboards, they're to die for! The rest of her blog is also filled with lovely posts including process work which also is to die for, but maybe more for designers I'm not sure. Plus she just recently got married and everything about her wedding was just goals, have a look at some of her recent posts on Instagram and see what I mean.

Emma // @emmareadstoomuch
I mentioned my love for all the 'bookstagram' accounts in one of my last posts but Emma's account is one of those adding to my inspiration. It might have been her bookshelf, along with a lot of others I've seen across Instagram, that has led me to 'rainbowify' my bookshelf and it's just so pretty!

This post is just full of links but they link to beautiful things so go look at all of them! Who have you been loving recently, who's at the top of your Instagram now that's it's not in chronological order anymore?