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Some Thoughts About Turning 22

Wednesday, 27 April 2016
"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22."
Yes I turned twenty two on Saturday and I'm going to be using this Taylor Swift quote for the next 360 days, or whenever I get bored which will probably be next week. I had a low-key birthday, just spending time with my family, who came down to Wellington for the occasion, and eating too many lemon flavoured desserts.

I feel like 22 seems a lot older than 21, as 21 has a lot of tradition and the whole being able to drink in America and you're now officially an adult, all the partying and all that jazz. Then 22 is just like yeah you've had your fun now welcome to being an adult and the real world; do your taxes, find a nice bloke, get a house, and a proper job that kind of thing. Like your next big birthday is 30 and boy is that a way away now, but really in the scheme of things it isn't.

I feel like I should be wearing pant suits and knee length dresses instead of crop tops and skinny jeans. I shouldn't have Harry Potter pyjamas or Funko Pops all over my desk. I shouldn't spend all of Sunday morning watching YouTube videos, I should be out at the markets buying fresh fruit and veg.

I will say though this past year I've stepped out of my comfort zone more than usual, that makes you more of an adult right? I'm trying my hardest to improve my public speaking. I've gone out of my way to meet a number of new people who I wouldn't usually meet on my day to day activities. I've managed to get a hold on my University work and haven't yet felt stressed to the point of crawling into a ball on the floor. I actually have a proper blog URL, and my design portfolio is well on the way. I've been able to pick up a couple of freelancing jobs that aren't from the usual circle of friends, family, or friends of friends. I don't watch as many trashy tv shows anymore. I've been reading more on Sunday mornings than watching YouTube videos.

So while I might not be strutting around in a pant suit doing my taxes, I'm not that far away from that twenty two image I have in my head and maybe in the next year I'll be a little closer. To feeling more of an adult that is, not wearing pant suits, but who knows what dress my future job may call for.

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