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Monday, 4 April 2016

There's a quote from George R.R. Martin I love which goes "a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one" and it's how I view reading. I don't understand people who say they don't like reading, but I suppose people think the same when I say I don't like bacon. If you say you love movies but hate books do you hate imagination? Books are just movies that you cast, decorate, and direct yourself. Imagination is an amazing thing and it's why many of us are disappointed with movie adaptations of books, they just don't live up to our creations. How could they? Every single person who had read a single book would imagine it a different way, there's no way you could create something visual and make everyone happy.

I love reading as a way to lose myself in another world, a form of escapism some would say. I love the real world and all the lovely people but sometimes when University work is getting a little too much for example I can easily be whisked away to a magical world, or even simply Europe. You get to fill your head with this new world and follow this characters life so that for just a few moments you can forget your project is due in a week.

I guess this is how some people feel with movies but personally it's not the same for me. As I grow older, and I think the more technology has become a part of my life, I've started to lack the concentration to watch an entire two hour film. However I can happily sit and read for hours on end. 

The only piece of visual representation you get are the covers, and gosh are some of them pretty. I admit I do judge a book by its cover, unless I know it's a good book from others I will only buy a book if it has a pretty cover. At the moment I don't have any double ups but with the amount of beautifully designed classic books out there I bet I may do soon. If you haven't already checked out the bookstagram area of Instagram and you're fond of books I totally recommend it, it rekindled my love for physical books! I might have hopped on the eBook wagon for a while being a student and physical books being so expensive but I'm off now and my collection is growing.

I have a blogpost of mini book reviews coming next week but in the meantime you can join me on Goodreads if you like! Also let me know your opinions too, are you a book person or not? If so what's your favourite book? I have far too many, I may have to do a post about them all soon.

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