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Artist Attraction #11 // Shanti Sparrow

Friday, 13 May 2016

Alrighty so while I've had quite a few of these Artist Attraction features I haven't actually featured someone for their graphic design art — which should be a little unusual seen as that's what I do for a living. But anyway today I have a designer for you instead of an illustrator (although she's totally an illustrator too) or letterer or someone, so without further a do let's introduce you to Shanti Sparrow.

I discovered Shanti's work quite a few times while scrolling through Pinterest before realising all this work I'd been loving and using as inspiration was done by the same person! Looking at just some of the work I've featured here you wouldn't believe it really, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, over on her website she has a whole heap of gorgeous and quirky designs. Not to mention some really cool illustration work that I haven't featured, they're also featured in children's books, but if you're interested in quirky textured colourful animal illustrations then head on over. I'm sure if you're not a designer or a creative or anything related you'd still find this packaging above great, I mean it's doughnuts and burgers and other fast food with cute faces!

She's currently lecturing at a college in Australia as a graphic design tutor while still working commercially — what a fun, and probably busy life. On top of all that she also has a shop where she sells prints, bags, pillows, you name it, of her colourful animal illustrations. "I love that as a designer every day is different. When I’m designing I never get bored because each brief is a new challenge and requires a unique solution. I particularly enjoy the conceptual phase of design. I really love playing with words, taglines and aesthetics to find creative ways to communicate a message." - Shanti.

Also on the talk of design I've finally made my portfolio live, it's still in its baby stages and will probably change here and there while I get used to it but if you want to check out what I do everyday then have a look! I'm totally available for freelance work *wink wink*

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