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Harry Potter Excitement!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Okay so unless you're a Harry Potter fan you probably don't even want to continue. I'm planning on expressing my excitement for all the new Harry Potter related stuff coming out soon and my latest purchase above so if you're not into that I'd just go now and come back soon for my next post.

The Philosopher's Stone Illustrated
I finally got my hands on this beautiful piece of work! I've been waiting for months and months like since it was still in it's presale phase to buy it, but for the price I just couldn't justify spending that much money on a book, especially as I already have the unillustrated version. But I got some money for my birthday and had a bit of a #yolotreatyoself moment and am now a couple of chapters in. It's so pretty!! It was a tiny bit of a disappointment, but to be perfectly honest I think I'd be a tiny bit disappointed with anything Harry Potter my anticipation and excitement is just so huge that it's hard for books and movies to live up to them. But back to the disappointment, I kind of wish there were more illustrations... like it's an illustrated book I expected maybe not every page to have something but at least every second page. This has pages after pages of nothing, but a 'illustrated-parchmenty' background (which I sometimes feel like I've got something stuck on the page but it's just the art) I just would like a couple more. It's still beautiful though and it's given me a new way to relive the books that I almost feel like I'm reading it for the first time again. I'm totally getting the next 6 although this one's already pretty big I hate to think how big the order of the phoenix is going to be!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
How amazing is it that there's going to be new Harry Potter related stories, while not necessarily a follow on from the books we're actually going to get more than that (no offence JK) pathetic little 19 years later part at the end of the Deathly Hallows. It's going to be weird having a Harry, Ron, and Hermione who aren't Daniel, Rupert, and Emma but I'm sure we'll get used to it... maybe. I was as much excited as I was upset that this was a play to only be performed in the west end, I love Harry Potter but I'm not flying half way across the world just to watch a play. I would totally go if I ended up being there but I'm not gonna do it if I'm still stuck in New Zealand. But then the script is going to be released!!! So we get to experience the entire story while imagining Daniel, Rupert, and Emma instead of the new people which will be fab. There's not much information about this story so it'll be really interesting to actually know what's going to happen, they're meant to experience darkness from unexpected places but I can only imagine Harry fighting the darkness that is Voldemort. It's going to be so fun reading all new stories, maybe/probably with some new characters as well!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Well this is not HP himself but it's still more beautiful wizarding world goodness! Both the movie and the screenplay that's going to be released is gonna be amazing. We get to see so much more of the beasts that roam the wizarding world, I mean come on who else wants to see a Blast Ended Skrewt that was mentioned all throughout the books in Hagrids lessons but no where in the movies. Although I guess as Hagrid himself bred them they probably wouldn't be around in Newt Scamander's life. Either way we get to see so many more creatures! After seeing the trailer I'm not 100% about my feelings of it being in America and not revolved around our well known wizarding world landmarks but I'm sure it'll open our eyes to a whole new world and ya know it'll probably mean more theme park areas and merch. Also getting to know Luna's father-in-law is going to be really cool, especially as it's Eddie Redmayne. Not to mention his cool Mary Poppins-esque briefcase.

Are you into Harry Potter as much as me? What are you feeling about these new releases?

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