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It's common right? To freak out a little?

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Okay I'm gonna get all personal with you guys for a moment here. It's common right, for you to get freaked out about the future when your degree is getting closer to the end? I wouldn't say I'm freaked out as much as I was finishing high school and moving to uni but it's pretty close. I've almost finished my second to last semester for my degree and any thought about the outside world and having to try and get a job in my field and all that jazz ah it just gets me on edge a little. Like am I certain this is what I want to do with the rest of my life? I mean I'm sure about design but there are so many things to do with design that I can do.

This is just a common thing though right, everyone (apart from those really confident annoying people that just know they're the very best and everyone's going to fight over hiring them (when really they aren't)) feels a similar way. Or at least a tiny part freaked out.

Now the semester's end is drawing near and hand ins are looming, every little thing I do towards my work I'm just stressing over is this worth an A, am I going to stand a chance at first class honours or is this only worth a pass. Before now the grades counted of course but now they're just so much more important and it's rather stressful. I know from past graduates that it doesn't hugely matter what class you manage to get, it's all about your thinking and process, but that doesn't stop me worrying.

I guess fear means you're stepping our of your comfort zone which is a good thing. I remember the first time I rode a proper 'fast adult' roller coaster I was so scared in the line I nearly threw up, but once I stepped onto the coaster it all just went away and all I wanted to do all day was ride that roller coaster instead of going on the other more child suited rides. Even now I get a little scared when lining up in the line but it's still one of my favourite things to do and that little bit of fear won't stop me fighting to get in the front seat. Fingers crossed this ends up being like a roller coaster, and just now I'm in the line getting a little scared but once I graduate and get into that big big world it'll just go away and I'll enjoy the ride.

Got a little bit metaphorical in the end there but ya get me, it's the same with everyone right? Tell me I'm not the only scaredy cat!?

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