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Sofi vs Honours: Episode 2

Monday, 2 May 2016

So it's been yet another month since I started the final year of my degree and boy is it going fast! In six months it will all be over and I'm going to have to hope like hell that I manage to get a job of some sort to continue living my life. If you haven't read episode one, I highly recommend it as it will give you more of an idea of what I'm talking about. I go more into what my classes are about whereas now I'll probably assume you know a tiny bit!

Major Project
Well in episode one I was looking into the creative process and in some ways I still am but in other ways my topic has shifted. Now I'm into the complex research about how our brains work and how they differ from human to human. With that I'm looking into various ways of thinking and problem solving to give each individual designer the chance to understand the way they work and think in order to work to their best potential. I'm not even sure if it's going to be possible, but I'm currently trialing it all out on myself like a little lab rat. It's all very complex and broad so at the moment I'm trying to hone into what part I want to focus on and delve deeper. Which, is harder than I first thought, I've sort of hit a brick wall but hopefully I can break through. From there I can decide on an outcome of some sort to create next semester then I should easily be able to write my 5000 words for hand in!

I'm now onto the second project for Letterpress. After getting my first project back with a good grade I'm now having to try even harder to make sure I can keep it high for this second 60% hand in. We're to keep the same theme trend as before, chlorophyll is mine for those not in the know, and produce an A2 poster promoting our trend and another second item that could be anything. I'm planning so far to make it packaging but that all may change in the next few weeks. I'm currently trying to figure out exactly what I want to package, whether it's; food or drink, currently available or fictional, chlorophyll based or just diet friendly. I'm thinking a fictional chlorophyll based drink at the moment but I'm not 100%. It's a little more digital now than the last project so while I'm not covered in green 24/7 I still am some of the time.

As for my other class, the branding one, we're totally stuck in deep now. It's all full forced as this is due a week before my other assignments and it's actually for a proper client so it needs to be perfect in order for them to use it. We've developed this personalised identity (complex logo) around what attendees would want to get out of the Experiential Design Conference; this idea of 'a sense of...' (A sense of adventure or a sense of community for example). So we're now trying to develop the visual imagery and systems that can work alongside this, so all the fonts, colour schemes, illustrations etc that can be used across a variety of mediums like websites, t-shirts, and signage.

I'm totally keen in the next month or so to start writing more design teaching type posts, let's put my degree to good use. So if there's something related to design or being creative you want to learn about - maybe how to make your own blog banners etc - please let me know. Also if you want some design doing, I'm your gal! There's only five weeks left of the semester now until my six week mid year break and I'm slightly stressing about how I'm going to get all this work done. I'm sure I'll manage it but I'm not sure how many tears are going to happen in the meanwhile. I'll be sure to let you know!

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